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I feel so bad for people suckered by this type of school. I don’t know about the local AI photography program, but I do know that when a graphic designer who just graduated from there leaves their resume for us (a printer) to keep on file, it almost always gets filed in the garbage! We’ve printed for many soon-to-be graduates, and a couple professors, and their files are never set up properly for print. Worse, with one or two exceptions, they are absolutely convinced that they are doing everything perfectly and we (who have been in this business for many years) don’t know what we’re doing! One guy recently was really nice, interested in getting his files set up correctly, and actually listened to what we told him (and got it right!), but most are not that way. We treat all the students well and try to help them learn what they need to know, but we gave him special treatment for being teachable and not rude or arrogant.


VampireKetsuki – it looks to me like you’ve got potential, but you’re going to have to work to teach yourself what the school left out. I wish you the best! (And now I’m off to look at your BJD pics… I have BJDs too! I need to take more photos of mine. They’re great subjects for playing around with new ideas.)