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Thank you so much Kathi!

I have a very good friend that got sucked in, and continues to be played by an art institute.  I warned her and talked to her until I was blue before she signed up.  Begged her not to go through with it, and I continue to back her up and encourage her to stop every time she has any sort of problem with them (and yes there are problems), but … She continues to believe their sales pitch regardless of what I say or the links I share with her.  She just thinks I’m being  too critical or mean or I don’t know

I told her about the class action law suit and the federal law suit, and STILL she feels “It will be worth it”.  I have looked into the class action law suit and it’s my understanding that it only applies to students who attended before 2012.  They have since changed their contract or some sort of laws were put in place, and it protects them some how???

I wanted to be able to help her when it finally hits home how much she owes and how little she received.  I never thought of directing her to PPA.  Yes, they won’t be able to help her debt, or the fact that she got ripped off, but they really could help her a LOT in other ways.  I also found a support group of sorts for AI/EDMC victims, so OP if you are interested just say the word and I will post the link for you.