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Okay I let my fingers do the walking today. I talked to the PPA rep that I had a number for on the phone. The school you went to produces very few actual photographers. It is a diploma mill. I was told that the only ones that made it through and are successful after the school are those that knew what they were doing before they signed on. After the HUGE cost you paid, she suggested you start with the free education courses  on PPA that you can watch and do without joining at first to save some money in the beginning. There is a Class Action Suit going on against the school(s), but she did not have the details. A Google search should provide them.


Go on the net, you will find a world of help there. She also recommend you go as a guest to the local PPA in your area and there is one close to you, go to PPA.com and look for your local PPA. She thinks you have a chance of someone offering to mentor you if you ask. After they hear what you have been through and what it cost you. She thinks some one will volunteer; if not more than one. They have a Student plan to join the PPA available that once they hear your story they may honor locally and/or nationally. If you have not yet graduated which I think you said, jump on it now. Register without having to deal with more headaches if you still have not graduated.

I am not a people photographer and you are not in the Chicagoland area or I would help you out. I do flora, macro, stills and landscapes. People only when forced, like when the photographer that had a flat on I-294 two weeks ago and did not make it to my son’s 8th grade banquet. Me and another parent, did what we could. I posted like 90 pic’s on a flickr account and gave them print copies when asked. Thank god I thought to bring a flash and was able to bounce it off the white walls and ceilings since the banquet hall had horrible lighting. I did my daughters prom pic’s for me and somehow got sucked into 10 couples that I did couple and individual shot of heads, 3/4’s and full shots of; in addition to the group shots. I also gave print copies to parents that asked as I posted 90 or so pic’s on flickr again. I prefer images of things that don’t talk back to me lol… I am not a great people person as my daughter reminded me. She told me I was too bossy when I told them how to stand where to put their hand, etc, etc. But I have the technical skills to man up if it’s needed. You need to get to that point also.


After all the time you have invested and money I really think you can do this. It will be work and a lot of your free time, but I feel you can do this if you put your mind and time into it.