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I actually joined to post this. They did not teach you broad or short lighting at this ?school? you went to? They also should have taught you about noise and ISO’s. You should sign up at KelbyOne.com I think you’ll learn more there in a few hours than you have at your school. Hell, if the schools I went to were that bad, I would demand a refund of all tuition paid. There are a lot more basic rules than just Rule of Thirds for composition… They should have taught you them all also about zones, high/low key, shallow depth of field, deep depth of field, selective focus, exposure compensation, lighting (even just the basics would work), business classes,  and the list goes on and on… Photography is a constant learning experience, but you should have learned the basic technical side and general business side from your school that you paid good money for. I would lodge a complaint with the school board on what you have NOT received in education you paid for.

Neil van Niekerk has 3 good books out on lighting,  His website has many lighting tips and actual setup diagrams http://neilvn.com/tangents/

Join the PPA they have great educational information. Go for your CPP. Do the workshops available. Join your local PPA or photography club in your area. There are so many ways to get an education and it’s not from your school obviously.

Okay, I will stop my rant… It just pisses me off when teachers don’t teach…