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Now that you know, it’s time to stop asking and start DOING.

Learn what it takes to produce above-average photographs – focus, lighting, shadows, color, composition & editing. And that’s not an exhaustive list…

My first personal goal was to see, in depth, EVERY setting of my camera and how a change to one affected the final photo. That took about a year of spare time and roughly 11,000 photos. My next goal was to find out the INTERPLAY between each one of the settings (ie., how a change in one function might necessitate a tweak somewhere else to keep the photo the same). That was more difficult, and took roughly 2 yrs.

The 3rd and final challenge for me was to produce shots, look at them on the computer and TRY to see what I had done wrong – why is it blurry, too dim, too bright, washed out, poorly composed. This last goal seemed to take forever.

There was a day when I looked at my photo and said to myself “Oh man, I forgot to juice the ISO because I need a fast shutter and the venue is too dim.” That’s when I realized the LEARNING had actually BEGUN. 🙂

Good luck!