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Composition/Cropping: Rule of thirds, don’t put in the direct center, interesting eye direction instead of staring at the camera, no poles coming out of people’s heads,

My personal post production is done in Lightroom only. Shoot in raw, cuz less loss, copy as DNG from memory card to new folder, color balance it with something around the room that I know for a fact is white/black/gray. I usually don’t batch process, I usually go one at a time. Creating proof sheet (through lightroom) is easy.

Head or glasses tilted down somewhat to reduce glass glare. I know why it happens but not how to avoid it all the time.

Diffuser if at all possible for harsh sunlight.

I know perspective distortion and I correct lens distortion in lightroom

I can shoot without going artsy and explain it.

I have a second shooter, though he’s more for the candid behind the scenes shots.

I have redundancies in a second DSLR (lower model than mine) five lenses, two extra batteries per camera, charger jic, extra memory cards, and a netbook (to work as a portable hdd and copy stuff off the camera after the ceremony is over)

My actual equipment list is: Nikon D3200 (main), Nikon D60 (spare), 18-55 lens, 18-135 lens, 28-80 manual lens, 55-200 lens, 70-300 lens, 64gb memory card, 32gb memory card, hand full of 8-and-lower memory cards, and my flash just broke so I need to buy a new one.

I have a shots list which is discussed and gone over, adding in any additional photos the b/g want (such as the photo on the overlook, looking over the city)

I go to the rehearsal and ‘scout’ the location then, and talk to the minister. Generally speaking, at least in my area, the ministers prefer no flashes (even on camera or hotshoe flash) during the ceremony to keep it sacred.

I’ve only done three weddings and the weather has been good for all three (knock on wood). I did have an alternate place to shoot the bride/groom/wedding party/family/friends/etc looking over the city the one day since it was raining during the ceremony but clear after.


No I didn’t realize weddings were the most sued genre, no I don’t have insurance, yes I have/will pay taxes on it, no I’m not registered since.

Avoiding noise I don’t know (besides what was told to me in this thread) nor do I know (at least the terms) short and broad lighting. I have used off-camera lighting before but don’t use it often since I don’t own any myself, it was all from the school.

Phew, I think I answered all of them, admitting the ones that I don’t know.


And this is to ‘Worst Case Scenario’ I believe I do have a creative eye/eye for detail, seeing things that most people don’t