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Wow TRAINWRECK that was a long an in-depth  answer. I’m not sure I know them all but I’ll assume you are American and we Britts have a different name for the ones I’m unsure off.

I hope VampireKetsuki appreciates the trouble you went to. ( I tend to keep my answers short, as I’m a crap typist!)

I do think that you forgot that on top of all the technical stuff, you do need at least  a modicum of artistry. That little something that can’t be taught.

Being able to look at a scene and see the picture. Thinking “That’s awful, but if I just move that a bit and get a bit lower, it will look great”.

We often see pics here, where you can see that they have the idea, but not the camera mastery to capture it.

Not sure what to call it, but I’m pretty sure that VampireKetsuki doesn’t have it.