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Look, excuses won’t help here. I take thousands of bad photos every year. The difference between you and me is that I don’t post those photos as a portfolio asking for a critique. I have lots of photos on my hard drive where I have people in posed group shots not looking at me, I have over powering flash use, I have have shoddy white balance etc. I even have some really blurry pictures I’ve forgotten to delete. What I do with those photos is to look at them critically and try to learn from my mistakes. I don’t see this happening here. I looked through the thread from 2012 and you aren’t any better now than you were then. You still do the same mistakes.

I can see two explanations, either you are pretty shit at photography (which I don’t think you are necessarily) or that the people who help you develop are shit. Take a proper look at what you are doing, is this really the level of quality you want to churn out for the rest of your career? If it is, may I suggest you get some kind of liability insurance that will cover you getting sued.