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Worst Case Scenario

Professional, by definition, means you’ve been paid for your work. I’ve been paid to take photographs for two weddings so far. A third myself and another took photos for the bride as a wedding present. Of course I’ll use my class assignments until I become more established.

If you call yourself a professional, people will expect to see professional quality images. You are not doing yourself any favours, or impressing anyone (except yourself) by using the term professional. I am a professional photographer, but the only place I seem to use that word is on here. None of my websites ever refer to me as a professional. If you can’t tell by looking at the pictures, saying it won’t help.

Welcome to the real world! It’s not like photo class is it!

Why the attitude here?

Because the list of excuses you give for taking bad images, are just everyday problems that any real photographer has learnt to over come. You don’t seem to have learnt ANYTHING about photography.