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Yes the other 38 pages of photos. Most date 2011.

I posted more on DeviantART before than I do now. I have a bunch in my sta.sh still that I need to submit, but I haven’t had the time.

So why are they even on display?

What I meant is they’re ones I should’ve put descriptions on.

Your deviant i.d  lists you as an artist and PROFESSIONAL photographer, yet you use pictures from classes assignments on your portfolio?

Professional, by definition, means you’ve been paid for your work. I’ve been paid to take photographs for two weddings so far. A third myself and another took photos for the bride as a wedding present. Of course I’ll use my class assignments until I become more established.

If you are a professional photographer, you decide when and where the pics are taken.

Not if the bride and groom have a set time they HAVE to be at the reception by.

Welcome to the real world! It’s not like photo class is it!

Why the attitude here?


Oh and yes I am a BS from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh