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Sorry…no sympathy from me.  When you apply for school, one must always research the institution.  The piss poor reputation of the for profit AI schools is well over a decade old.  Besides, the best degree for someone entering into photography is not photography but business.

You have amateur entry level gear with variable aperture lenses.  You have a deviant art website.  How can you call yourself a professional?  Get yourself a job at a restaurant to pay off the massive school debt and to purchase decent glass and then a good body.  Get yourself a credible website with your own email address and not a gmail or hotmail address.

It’s been researched and found that to master something you need 10,000 hours of practice.  Learn the classical lighting configurations and master the rule of thirds and other general principles of good photography before you resort to photoshop actions and processing that covers your shortcomings.

And that folks, is non-sugar coated advice.  Somebody has to say it before they end up in court.

p.s.  I hope you’re a registered business and paying your taxes on your professional service you provide.  After all, one thing you failed to mentioned in being a professional photographer also means you’re earning 51% of your income from photography and are a registered and legal business.

p.p.s. I just took a look at your deviant art website.  I highly suggest you drop the “professional photographer” title from your vocabulary and spend many hours learning the basics and learning how to pose your subjects.