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I’m with i hate fauxtography on this one. I can’t shake the green off when i look at the pics.I see a lot of things that could be potential submissions to this site mostly because of the editing you’ve done on it. Also, i get the feeling you are rather tall. Most of your photos have a downward angle and i feel a bit dizzy going through the childrens albums especially. For the kiddos don’t be scared to get eye level.

I hate fauxtography makes a good point about your outdoor lighting.


I had to concentrate on this picture to figure out what it was. The light is overpowering on the left and is causing the dress to wash out into the background.

I honestly did not find the Muphin Chuckrs Live album to be very good. This photo especially


I know your friend said they liked it but, if you think about it carefully, would you honestly like this picture if you saw it in a magazine featuring the band? Concerts CAN be tough to shoot because of the light show, i understand. Overall, i would just have left this picture out from that album. The other photos have a strange wash over them that i’m not sure if you edited in or if you got them off camera like that.

I think that your best bet is to start out working on composition. Like i said, you have this downward angle on a lot of shots. And most of the photos feel like they are something someone could have done with a cell phone. When you figure out the composition thing (rule of thirds. it is a fundamental of photography! there are tons of articles out there to help you out if you do a quick google search), i would suggest learning how to deal with your lighting situation. (look up how the iso and shutter speed affect a photo. again, fundamentals). And then when you have that figured out look into aperture settings and how they work (fundamentals again!).

And there is no reason to be terrified of people here. Everyone is just trying to help. If we were truly a-holes we’d let you think you were doing great and then would submit your photos. I think everyone here honestly wants to help, otherwise we wouldn’t take the time to go through your portfolio and thoroughly critique it. 🙂