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Thanks archy, I really appreciate the kind words! That’s what keeps me going. And I agree, taking a good photo is a lot more important than editing, not to mention it saves you a lot of computer time. I trash photos that can’t be improved with a few minor tweaks of exposure, white balance, contrast, levels, etc. If there’s something you want to edit, try to find how you can avoid it next shoot, and then avoid it! I’ve been doing headshots since last monday, and I was going to edit my headshot photos from monday and tuesday, but I improved so much on wednesday from critiquing all the things I wanted to edit in those photos that I chose to not even give the people their photos and promised to reshoot them this week. That’s what you should do. Btw, here’s my new headshots page if you want to see my progress; by the end of the month, I plan on shooting at least 30 more people. Like the page! http://www.facebook.com/VRJphotos