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“I am looking for general feel and what direction I am heading + scream/pointing out what are my main mistakes”.

Editing and displaying are your biggest problems, and you already know that. As far as what direction you’re headed, and over all feel. This is kind of all on you to figure out. More time behind the camera and more time in front of the screen editing, and you’ll find the flow and ebb eventually, and it will evolve and change over time. Then it will start showing more strongly in your work, and others will be able to see as well. Welcome to the torture of being a photographer. lol. I wish it was clearer, for myself as well, but I’m afraid what you are searching for will only come with time and lots of shooting.

Bill, you have linked to this critique by (oh gosh! I can’t remember his real name) Fro, before. It’s not very critical at all to me. It’s more critical and informative than his usual, but that’s not saying much. I watched all the videos from beginning to end and… I just don’t get it. He’s invested so much of his time into this kid, and I’m sorry but he kind of comes off like he really just doesn’t care, and isn’t really interested. Just because a person looked up where you went to school and told you “I want to go to that school too”?!? lol I don’t think he was even expecting or wanting a reply. It doesn’t seem to be based on his eye for photography at all, his drive, or on raw talent. He can’t explain why or how a shot was taken, or how it was finished/printed or otherwise, and he can’t even try to explain why he even likes photography. I kind of feel for him, and the pressure he must feel to follow through with something he found out he really isn’t all that into, all because he got bored one night and wrote on Fro’s wall. Yes, he lets Fro talk and doesn’t get defensive at all, but I don’t think it’s because he’s hanging on his every word, or because he is desperate to learn and make his images better. I think it’s just more due to having a passive personality, and not ever really investing himself into his shots at all. He’s just clicking and along for the ride poor kid. I really do hope he proves me wrong, WAY WAAAAY wrong, but I don’t think he will, and I don’t think it will phase him one bit if he ends up moving along to something else.  I bet he already would have if Fro hadn’t gotten so involved with him