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Thanks Bill.
Yep, I got the point that the website is not “picture presentable”… but it should be also considered it was not build to be photo-portfolio of a photographer, rather my little web that includes my hobby and the size of the pics reflect  a bit my confidence in my work.
I very well understand that everyone has a different taste and some pics loved by some are critiqued by others. I am looking for general feel and what direction I am heading + scream/pointing out what are my main mistakes. Family and friends are not the best reviewers and even though I am quite critical to myself, I have no background to critique in pro way (only by own feelings)
PS: I don’t think that the video critique was harsh. PPS: I am way far from high-school years and thats what makes me insecure (late self-start and no relation in my pro life to any creative work)   PPS: It may sound negative, but I am actually very positive person… 🙂

Nesgran/Cameraclicker – I will look at it again and see if I can do some miracles 😉 …
What upsets me more about the pic are the hands. My first impression was that the baby doesnt have hands…but I just love the expression so much I can’t give it up!