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I would agree with most of the comments above, but honestly, I have not read them fully.

Zuzanas, your shots look good from what I can see, but your website is just plain horrible for what you are doing. I gave up after trying to view just 2 images. That is not the way you want to present your art/photos. The thumbnails or what I think were thumbnails look very very nice. I think both ebi and WCS hit the nail on the head about the navigation, layout and presentation portion, so no need to re-hash.

I just posted a link to an Philadelphia based photographer that talks about critiques as he is giving some to a 1st year art student. The link is HERE if you don’t feel like searching for it. I get nothing from it, but I think it is something all photographers need to grasp, the handling of criticism.
Though others will critique, you have to filter out some of the noise and be able to disseminate the good from the useless. If 100 people critique your work, you’re going to get about 100 different versions of what works and what doesn’t. The trick is to find the common elements within those and build upon that.
It is the same method I use when searching through comments when buying products. This item sucks. Well if you don’t provide a reason why it sucks, the your argument is invalid, well there really is no argument at all.

Keep up the good work and keep on shooting!!