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Hello to all and thank you for your comments Ebi/Nesgran.

I really wanted to get an opinion on whether I am heading the Faux-way or the Photo-way. As I told to “I have fauxtography” I am spending to much time focusing on what I am doing wrong rather then focusing on what I might be doing right and getting a little bit all negative. I just do not find the pics clean enough, nice compared to other photographers…etc etc.

I learned one thing from all your comments, I might be better at photography than web-designing 😀
I have taken your comments into account (which are basically all very similar) and will review my webpage. It is about a time anyway….

Ebi, thank you but there is no way I will charge someone at this stage. Too much pressure , I need to be sure with myself first.
Plus I know my pictures have so many mistakes in them I need to master.

Nesgran, what colored baby picture should go?
For the colored people album name. I understand that some people may consider it politically incorrect and I will change it because what counts is first impression and again everyone has similar one. My logic behind that was much simpler than some racial incorrectness, in fact I have made my mind that everything can have double sense and only person with twisted mind see twisted ideas in simple things. In fact I have one colored person in that album – lady colored in gold, the other people are just people on colored photograph.

I got a bit more positive  from your all your comments .. 🙂 .. Have a great weekend!