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Definitely no preconceived notions of a business for my work.  No more than perhaps creating calendars or puzzles with my work as it progresses. I am attempting to practice lighting so perhaps in the future I could make some money doing portraiture.  I am in-between jobs at the moment unfortunately and do not have the money to buy good equipment so I am using two clamp lights and a 5-in-1 reflector to study light angles.  I am also studying business procedures so that I can run a business in the advent that I would actually consider doing so (kind of unlikely) and have found some good articles at sba.gov.  I also figure if I study lighting angles (even if the equipment isn’t up to par) I’ll be better suited to make lighting set-ups for my short films (that are likely).  Some of my earlier attempts at portraiture included using a lamp and a cardboard box around the hood with the flaps as barn-doors for a one-source portrait.  They were done using a Canon Elura 80 (camcorder).  Tried natural lighting portraits as well since the sun is free and free is in my budget.  I have a lot of  practicing to do and not many people to practice on.

Thank you for commenting and I hope you find something enjoyable to look at in my stream when you find time to do so (and I hope you do, I enjoy critiques and comments).  Without critiques, I do not grow.