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I checked your portfolio and I also checked your fauxtog’s buddy FB page. To be honest, I would much rather pay you the same price she is charging for  her ‘work’ than paying her a cent. Considering that you’ve been working on JPEGs, your images are pretty good. Just try to work more on your posing, there’s a pic of a girl with golden lips where her expression is just kinda weird.

As for your friend, try the photowalk, try watching tutorials together or just try to do photo educational things with her but if she just doesn’t care and she insists on selling people shitty work, back off. There’s no nice way to tell someone ‘hey bud, your work sucks and you are a joke’ without compromising the friendship. If you care about this person that much you’ll probably have to learn how to detach from the fact that she is a fauxtog.