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I like CC’s idea of taking her for a walk. Shoot a variety of things in challenging lighting conditions right a long side her and compare the results. With luck she will ask you how come yours look different. Cross your fingers for some “aha” moments such as, just because the baby is dressed in blue doesn’t mean his skin should be blue too, https://www.facebook.com/eye2eyeimages/photos/pb.1391876891133902.-2207520000.1428757979./1391914154463509/?type=3&theaterHopefully questions about what all those buttons do, when you would change the settings and why and with more luck, some things will stick and she will want to learn more.
I don’t know if any reputable wedding photographers in the area are willing, but I would highly recommend she shadow one from a distance. What she is shooting right now is a world of difference from the day of limited timing, getting the shot right the first and only time (never ever a second chance unless you really want to ask them to kiss again at the altar in front of their guests or pick up the bouquet and toss it again and so on), all the different crummy quality lighting situations you can imagine and having to deal with the most pleasant people in the world to the most crotchety and still having to make the pics look great. Because in the wedding world, shots like this just won’t do (and if you ask me, neither angle is worth diddly when you make the couple in love look like lifeless mannequins), https://www.facebook.com/eye2eyeimages/photos/pb.1391876891133902.-2207520000.1428757979./1392463367741921/?type=3&theater
Good luck. Hopefully your friend can handle suggestions without seeing it as criticism. Well, it is but boy some people sure get touchy when you tell them their pictures could use improvement. Again, good luck.