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Well… I thought Zack’s take on “professional” was unique and the critique video was funny.  Some of the lines were pretty good and I thought some of the photos were great, like the bird looking under itself, that guy in the hospital bed, the horse photos…  Yes, there were also some duds.  Frequently I find if I show two photos, many people prefer the photo I think is inferior — I still haven’t decided if that is a statement about my taste or the tastes of others.

I wasn’t aware Bret’s “been accused of raping a girl during a photo shoot.” I did a quick search and found two items from 2007 which look suspiciously like spam.  It has been 5 years and he seems to have been posting photos all that time.  I can’t find any reliable news items or court transcripts.  His accuser, Carrol J Donoghue, also accused him and a long list of others of being a pedophile.  The post says she lives in New Zealand, which is a bit of a drive from Chattanooga, Tennessee!  Other posts of hers suggest she was about to get a divorce.  She put up a lot of strange posts in 2007.  Being accused is not the same as being guilty.

News photographers are now being asked to write articles and do video pieces for the paper’s web pages, so it is a different world.  Newspapers and magazines tend to have a wide range of photo subjects so someone like him who’s “specialty is variety” would be a good fit.  It may not pay as well as some other jobs but money and satisfaction are not always the same.