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Hi cameraclicker! i think she’s actually accurately proportioned with the horse. The horses fetlock and hooves are missing from the photo (maybe a rolling of the land? Not sure) which is about 4 inches maybe? If she was standing on the ground it seems that the horses withers (the point where his neck meets the topline of his back) hit around her shoulder area… Thats average.  I have 3 horses, and i’m 5’8… One horse’s shoulder hits my shoulder, one hits the top of my head, and one hits me at mid-stomach height. Horses range from 14.1 hands (a hand = 4 inches) to 18.1 hands. 14.1 hands = 4.9 feet, and thats measured to the wither (shoulder). And i’ve seen horses stand like that before, depends on the breed and the conformation.