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I was actually questioning if the proportions were accurate or not myself. After looking at it more, it seemed as if they were, or maybe, just close. I do volunteer in a program to help disabled individuals ride horses, and while I do not ride them myself, for the past 8 years or so I’ve been walking alongside a few different horses and supporting a rider during the warm months here. And that program has a variety of horses, including some ponies and some very large horses. Being a short woman myself I think my head comes to the horses jaw on some of the more average-sized horses, and to hold onto the saddle to support the rider, my arm usually has to extend up a little bit. The girl in this photo, however, judging by body proportions and her own head size, appears to be a somewhat short and curvy woman. Really tall or large people would have relatively smaller heads to their bodies. So, I don’t think she is quite true to size and is photoshopped in, though I COULD be wrong. The other clues that it’s photoshopped is that she looks so at ease standing on the horse, and her stance doesn’t show that she is trying to carefully balance. She’s also not wearing any horse riding or protective gear such as a helmet- this would be a dangerous stunt if the horse were to spook and take off. People who do these stunts on horses are well-trained and wear protective gear. Especially with the way the horse is leaning, it doesn’t look right for the balance of the pair. The other clue is the funky burning of the sky. Sure, a bad editor could carelessly burn while avoiding the area near the subject because they don’t understand how to use mask layers or to change the hardness of the brush they are burning with. All in all, it just doens’t look right, probably because it’s not, even if the proportions could possibly be correct.