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Mykelhelene, my exposure to horses is pretty limited.  Looking at photos of horses I took at the Royal Winter Fair, I would say she is a very large girl and the horse is quite small, or they are disproportionate.  The horse is standing strangely, and horses are heavy creatures, they would not stand off balance by choice.  If you rotate the horse and rider until the front legs are vertical, both horse and girl look better, which does give some credence to the assertion she is actually on the horse.  A reasonable rotation is about 11 to 13 degrees!  If you move the girl so she is standing ankle deep in the grass, the top of her head is at the horse’s eye.  I have a photo of a man standing beside a horse, in a ring.  Standing up straight, the tall man comes only to the bottom of the horse’s head.  What baffles me is, why would you take a horse standing on a hill and move it to a scene with flat ground?