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EyeDoc, you never stated whether you are charging for these services or not.

I think CC & Cassie are right on track, church groups and community service centers like YMCA may be a big help. I would keep it as grassroots as possible, it will go over better as parents of special needs kids are always on guard and very protective.

– I have tried the Google Adwords but it was mainly to drive traffic to my website, not a full fledged method for getting customers for pay services, so I wouldn’t recommend that for your needs.

Facebook is good if you already have some photos that you can share and maybe encourage some of your photo clients to share them with special needs group pages and sites, but most will usually get looked over.
If you are using FB for your prime advertising, try using the hashtags to better spread the word of your services. Don’t expect a major wave of traffic, but it may help slowly.
Pintrest is great for sharing photos, but again, not great for drawing in customers.

Believe it or not, Yelp may be a good alternative for you as you can add a specialty for your services. The good thing is that it’s free and you can add specials if you are charging a fee.
I don’t use Yelp for myself, but I have a friend that has a service business and 90% of his business comes from Yelp. Once you get a few positive reviews, then the”word” just gets out all by itself.

Good Luck!