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I used too. I even supported a retail studio and 5 employees for over 2 years…. buttttttttttt, I got tired of all the stress. I was spending 50% of my day dealing with “But my neighbor only charges 50.00 and I get a CD” and better yet….I once had a woman come into my studio with her friend and with a canon rebel and began taking her own pictures trigging my lights with her pop up flash (which she turned on herself!) while I was in the backroom finishing another clients proofing session! It was honestly too much work to break even. We did it, but it was nothing short of 24 hours a day 7 days a week worth of total and complete stress! What Ive found is that I was getting the business over the fauxtogs…BUTTTTT I was getting a lot of business that were people who had been to the fauxtogs….been disappointed and expected me to provide a quality product for the same price they paid the fauxtog. Now we rely on my husbands income but I still shoot and my income supports my business not my lifestyle.