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I cannot answer if you are a fauxtog based on the link given. Since that is where you posted this. However as far a photogrpahy it looks like you have some skill and knowledge of photography. Some of the cloud shots and nature shots are not my personal taste but technically they are pretty sound. Since you shoot a Canon camera I would suggest getting you an 85MM F1.8 to really take some of your portrait shots up a notch. This lens is only about 375.00 new and could almost be L glass .  You have the basics imo. Time to step it some with equipment. I like the fact that you do not have any shots with over processing.  I do not have the time as some do on here to give in-depth reviews of each shot. I look at thousands of photos a week. Tough to bring myself to do it for fun anymore. But you are much better than many I have seen on here. Watch you composition but I do understand why people are telling you that you are good.