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It kind of depends on where you want to go with your photography. The examples you have cover a pretty wide range; art, portrait, and stock.

I will stick to the artistic images.

The train cars and truck is an interesting and not horrible. Aside from the shadow Clicker mentions above, the congregated tin roof seems to merge with both rail cars making it look like it is part of the train and not a building behind it. Now, you can tell they are separate looking between the trains but the angle gives a weird visual illusion to me.

The power line in the car shot should be easy to edit out with the leaves around it. That said, it is a cool seen but kind of a bleh place to shoot it. (better than a parking lot mind you.) Of course, with cars sometimes you have to take what you can get. With art, if you want to sell you have to make images people won’t look at and think they can shoot themselves. The car is pretty unique so perhaps try getting closer and find interesting lines or emblems if the background is just so so.