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I like the second car shot better myself but still might crop it a touch tighter.

I ran a search for “Ambassador car” on the art site that produces most of my income. There aren’t many and none of the car you have in the image. That can be important when you do move to the selling stage because subjects matter. Specifically, the more saturated the market the harder it is to sell no matter how good your images are.

Here is a link to an Ambassador image on that art site. Beyond taking a look at that image click on that artist’s home page and look at how she does cars. She sells the snot out of automotive art and does it well enough where she could make a living doing it. (I don’t know her personally so don’t know what else she does or if that is her main income.) http://fineartamerica.com/featured/1941-nash-ambassador-6-emblem-jill-reger.html

Regarding the truck/train, I think if you shoot it at the angle you did with the car, then you may get a lot more depth and interest to the image.