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Photography is a craft and art…being that it is a craft obviously, people should know how to use their cameras and know about the “rules” of photography BUT…art is purely subjective and it’s ok to break the rules……I come here for entertainment but at the same time, I really don’t care what others think about my work as long as my clients are happy and I’m happy… …and even these fauxtographers…if it makes them money more power to them…anyway, people who know quality will pay for it — people who are wanting to save bucks will hire one of these guys…in the end, everyone’s happy! People who think their work is perfect are delusional..you’re always working on your craft and improving (or regressing) for some. That’s why when I want real critiques  I go to digital-photography-school.com or other sites. Those people give you good feedback not just tell you your work sucks..of course there are some of those people here too….but hey….this site is for fun.