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I know what you’re saying and I can relate…but that’s the risk you take when you enter the photography business and that’s why you will not find full-time photographers anymore. I live in SoCal where there are thousands of photographers, in a highly competitive marketplace, you have to stand out. Unfortunately, with the advent of digital photography it became much easier for everyone and their mother  to join so that is why it’s no longer profitable to just do photography as a business….My background consists of  a multimedia design diploma from an art school with over 14 years of experience freelancing and working in-house as a graphic and web designer….. I took up photography about 7 years ago  well because I became a parent (why lots of mama togs) . I knew I had to diversify because I know that you can’t just depend on photography as your sole income. I started as a hobby….like many of these guys do…but I knew off the bat that this would be an added service rather than the only service……What I’m saying is, you shouldn’t relegate yourself to the same level as these faux togs which tend to be all over the place on craigslist. Brides especially, are fickle I know because I had a hard time choosing — but as they say you get what you pay for…that’s business not just photography….it’s frustrating when they undercut and charge low….that’s also the problem with stock photography (why you have microstock sites ruining many a career)…photography will never be the same…so my point is, if you offer something that nobody else can then you’re at an advantage. These guys, if they run their businesses poorly they will go out quickly. It’ll get worse too as mobile phones become more advanced, and instagram is the norm now. It is what it is unfortunately. Cameras are also a lot cheaper now, and if you go to Costco I see many a Nikon with bag, telezoom lens, all packaged in one!  I get what you’re saying but photography is a tough tough business.