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Just some things to think about:

What if the client isn’t happy but doesn’t have it in them to say they aren’t happy?  I know I was really uncomfortable when my family got taken by a faux.  It’s kind of embarrassing, and you just want it to go away.  You know?  It’s almost like when someone gets taken by fraud and fell for a fast one.  The police have a hard time getting people to come forward.  I know that’s almost like comparing apples to oranges, but that feeling is still the same “I made a stupid mistake”.  You don’t want confrontation, and you just, want the bad feelings to go away.  So you just chose not to say anything.  and even though they weren’t good photographs, they were truly wanted just the same, and we bought them.  or what if the tog is a good friend’s niece or something, and they were recommended to you?  Oh man!  That would be the worst.  and I’m sure it happens a lot more than what people would like to think.  Sure some fauxs have die hard fans, I’ll agree with you there, but I just wanted to give a different perspective.

Now lets look at this statement a different way “If you are a quality photographer you will charge prices in accordance to your skill and experience and you will not be catering to the same audience”.

O.K. here’s this average Joe family tog, you know the guy.  He’s been shooting his whole life.  He covers weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Graduation photos, family portraits, and even shoots Santa visits at Christmas time.  He can make any lighting situation work, and knows his equipment like the back of his hand.  He prices for the average family and makes a living and supports his family with his income.  Now a whole bunch of fauxs come into the picture and they are after the same market, only they don’t know jack about business, and how to price for profit isn’t even in their vocabulary, let alone being legit and dealing with the costs that come with working a legit business.  Yes, Joe is talented, and his photographs by far outshine all the fauxs in the area, but… price starts winning, and he sees a dip in his income.  He has two choices, step up his game offer more and raise prices to offset, and take his chances that the price increase he had to employ doesn’t make matters worse, or wait and see if people start to wake up to the fact that fauxs dont offer the same service or product he does, even though they claim they do, and they make it feel like they do and their children are cute, and “oh look at that smile!  I can see past that she’s yellow in this picture, or green or blue”.  So to me when you say Fauxs don’t effect “real” togs… well not all of them, but… I feel for the family tog.  I feel for new to the business family togs as well.  The ones that DID think things through.  The ones that are really talented, and took the time to learn and invest in themselves.  They TOO have to compete with fauxs and struggle to find their spot in the scheme of things.  I know I’m surrounded by them, and there’s no way I’d make it, even though I know my photography is by far better.  There’s no way I could put up with “but so and so only charges such and such” and constantly justifying my minimum wage starting out prices while the fauxs shoot for an equivalent to dollar an hour.  I can’t afford to be in business like they are, we already have too much debt, and my photography is at least worth minimum wage.

and price has a lot more to it than just charging according to skill and experience.  If that were the case average Joe family togs would charge thousands, because they rock it!!

I don’t think there is such a thing as a faux artist.  Landscape photography is not a service.  People feel no personal obligation to buy, they only buy if they love the photograph, not because they love the subject that is in it, like in portrait and event photography.  People aren’t going to buy a fuzzy crappy photo of a bridge or mountain range they love.  Nope, they will look for a spectacular photo of that bridge or mountain.  Or at the very least settle for a technically sound one that’s focused properly, good color, good comp, good light, proper exposure and so on.  Maybe they won’t know why it works better than the crappy fuzzy one, but they will be able to see it, because they are not personally invested and looking at themselves or their loved ones.

Emotions ARE being taken advantage of, whether knowingly or not