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I agree with most of what I hate Fauxtography said , but at the same time the business of photography is 80% marketing and 20% shooting. If you are working for a stock agency or if you are on assignment for fashion,  etc then obviously you will have to be really on top of your game.  The rest is like art…people will think it’s crap or they’ll love it. Of course we all agree that the pictures should be for the most part, technically sound.  However, if the clients are happy I don’t see how that’s taking advantage of someone emotionally. The only ones that I see that seem really bothered by it are the countless photographers on this forum.  Obviously the clients choose them because well they were probably cheap, #2 they probably did like what they saw…as I said, subjective.  I know it’s frustrating to see but If you are a quality photographer you will charge prices in accordance to your skill and experience and you will not be catering to the same audience.  Do you really think people like Ming Thein or Peter Lik will be working for the same clients? They will not feel threatened at all by those fauxtogs. I feel bad for them, but eventually they will either A. Get better b. Go out of business.