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I am here to gawk at the train wreck on the front page, but I delve into the forums to learn more. I can look at a dozen blogs telling me what good photography looks like, but sometimes I prefer one like this that tells me what bad looks like.

We all agree it’s subjective; we all see things differently. For the most part, however, I think we can all agree there’s some seriously awful photography being thrown around out there, and it’s making money.

I’m keenly interested in setting up a photography business. I’ve looked into the business licensing and tax laws, and all the other boring paper-pushing that goes with that. It’s sites like these, however, that serve to curb my enthusiasm by reminding me that I am a far way off from being a pro.

My husband (how objective is he, you wonder?) thinks in a short amount of time that I can be a professional. I am grateful for his support and enthusiasm. Yet, we both know, that I would never want to become one of those people featured on this site. That’s going to take time and learning. Until I feel ready, I’m just lurking, reading, learning.

IHF: what you said about emotions being taken advantage of hits the nail on the head with a reply I did earlier regarding how it’s hard to get a real opinion on your work from your clients, friends and family because they are emotionally invested in you or your subject. It irritates me to see fauxtogs making money with seriously sub-standard work, but they continue to generate that revenue not because of their ‘skill’, but rather on the emotional importance of their subject to their clients. That, more than anything, gets my goat, and really makes me hesitate to put out a shingle until I feel I can do justice to someone’s memories and emotions with my skill and artistic ability.