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So what I’m really getting at is how do you feel? Are you here just to troll and make yourself feel better or are you also getting something out of this and using it a learning experience to never be considered what you hate?

Unlike Stef, I’m here to do both, but also to pass along useful information when I think it might be helpful.  I certainly came here to gawk at the front page.  Like Stef, I think some are truly worthy and some not so much, or not at all.  My main web gallery has something close to 3,000 photos.  A couple could make the front page here if landscapes/cityscapes were considered, like the slow exposure I took while the car I was riding in was going over railway tracks, or the slow exposure taken through the upper deck front window of a bus going through a tunnel, just when the bus hit a bump.  I thought the effects were kinda cool, so I included them.  Anyone looking at them without reading the descriptions would definitely think “What the heck!”

There has been discussion about including links being good or bad.  I think it is more fair to include the links because it provides an opportunity to see more photos and decide for yourself if the general quality of work is poor or if the photo being ridiculed is an anomaly.

The greatest lessons so far are that some people will pay money for photos I would be embarrassed to display, and that you are judged by your worst photo.