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So what I’m really getting at is how do you feel? Are you here just to troll and make yourself feel better or are you also getting something out of this and using it a learning experience to never be considered what you hate?

I’m not sure I’m here to do either. I expect I will learn something… although I’m probably here more to teach than anything else. That’s not why I came here, but that’s what I seem to be doing.

I came here to gawk at the pictures on the front page. Most of them are worthy of being there, but many are not imo — there have been several images posted that were intentional. Some were intentionally bad and humorous, some were obviously silly in other ways, but none of those belonged on the front page. There’s a difference between simply not liking someone’s sense of art, and laughing at a catastrophe of multiple skill failures. I’m here for that last part.