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I started writing this not realizing that I had to scroll down to see the whole slough of photos that were on her site. I’ll agree with you there PhotoSlayer, I self edit before showing the entire card to the client. I do sometimes show them ones that I deleted just in case there is one that they like that I did not, but only if it is sharp.

My guess is that maybe the church had a “no-flash” policy, because not only was she shooting at ISO 1000 a bunch of times her shutter speeds were really slow, down to 1/30″, that would cause some softness.

I did see a lot of crooked shots, harsh flash or lighting issues and color values all over the place, so I can see why you were calling her out. But think about it, $100 for that many shots un-edited, not a bad price, who knows, maybe that was in the contract.