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I see your point nesgran but am not so sure. I get that ‘pro’ camera’s are much more readily available and attainable nowadays. But in the past it wasn’t just the well off who could maintain photography as a hobby or profession. My dad was a photographer and was definitely not from a well off back ground.

But the barriers for entry are much lower now. I just sold a canon 400D with a decent sigma lens for £132 posted. This combo would produce better photos than high end film cameras (in 35mm format obviously) did not that long ago. I’m sure your dad’s old film camera cost a lot more than that when taking into account the inflation. Then every time he loaded it with film it cost more money.

I think I shot somewhere between five and ten thousand photos in the five years before I got a DSLR. Now I shoot that amount in a busy week, obviously with more duplicates but still. Practicing is easier and you get better much quicker, at least if you want to learn from it.