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A year ago, give or take, there was a photo of a young couple that appeared on a thread here.  The couple was by a tree and a dead branch with no bark was between them and the camera.  On camera flash was used and the bare branch was the brightest thing in the photo.  I took the branch out and reposted the photo with the lighting fixed.  Someone claiming to be the customer was very upset!  They seemed to be primarily concerned with supporting a local photographer, and did not care about image quality at all.  They were quite angry that we were disparaging their photographer’s work.  Unfortunately, the rest of what we saw from their photographer was of similar quality.

Privacy laws have changed over the years, so I don’t know if the practice continues.  A scandal was reported in this morning’s paper, a couple of hospital people were selling names and phone numbers to a registered education fund company.  When our first child was born we had visits from a nurse, Welcome Wagon, and  some photographer who took a few photos and returned a week or two later with a couple of prints.  He was surprised I didn’t want his photos.  He wanted to know:  “Don’t you want professionally done photos of your child?”  When our second child was born, we were left alone with family.

I suspect there must be lots of customers that simply accept a “professionally” taken photo is a good photo.  The Emperor’s new cloths, …