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as a customer myself I would have to say there is a lot of shitty work out there being considered good because facebook is running rampant with that so people may look at a photo and think it looks good because 10 other fauxgraphers have just about the same image on their page. I am having the problem of finding a photographer right now who doesn’t do the stupid vignette shit and also doesn’t use sepia and black and white to try and distract from a shitty image. I think the worse part is when they take pictures that I could get the same result with my cell phone and a stupid filter app. Heck I even had one fauxtographer tell me when I asked what kind of camera they use that she was using her iphone 5. really people? I am willing to pay the price for good quality but seriously $150 for iphone images come on now. end of short rant lol