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I apologize anon.

I was under the obvious mistaken impression that you might be a professional buyer for websites, maybe an ad consultant, media/art director, or anything else that didn’t include a stay at home mom only looking to get shots of the kids. And I wondered what that calibre of buyer would have to say. I listened to Doc and won’t make that mistake again (I hope).

I do, however, admire that you are here and have a good eye for what you want.

Thank you for responding to my question anonymoususer.

Not a problem. Usually my input isn’t asked for lol so I figured I would answer. As a stay at home mom pretty much the only adult contact I get every day is through the internet and when days are filled with a screaming baby sometimes you hit the brink of your sanity, lose your mind and some times use potty words. Most of the time people think bad language=uneducated and that is a perfectly fine thought though in this case pretty untrue. I am sure I make several grammatical errors but, don’t we all? I mean this is the internet right?