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Are you at liberty or have the desire to say what you do, what kind of photography you require (portrait, product, wedding, etc.) what you look for, whether you work with photographers directly and on site creatively. And if so what qualities do you look for in a photographer and their photography. Your typical end use. What you require in a contract as far as licensing, etc. And maybe even some success/failure annecdotes?

What kind of photography do I require? This one is easy mostly just family photos and photos of my son that I have taken as often as a good opportunity presents itself with someone who meets my standards. I actually have several photographer friends some of which are very skilled others of which who may at some time be featured on this page but, I have learned through their photographs as well as some that I have had taken myself that you can not always go for the “cheaper” deal because it can cost you a precious moment. As far as things I look for in signs that the photography is not up to par I look for things to be in focus, no dutch angles, not too much exposure or too little exposure, I look to see if indoor pics are too grainy, I know a lot of photographers are huge fans of vignette but I absolutely hate it, I look at the tones and colors of things to see if they feel right, and I hate selective coloring. Over all I just go by the feel of the picture. What I require in a licensing agreement is basically printing rights I don’t want the copyright I would still like them to be able to use it for advertising their business or showing the quality of work of their business even if it is not good work. When I post the finished product on my profile on facebook I make sure to tag the original photographer for 2 reasons one because I want people to know who took the picture and two if the work is not up to my standards I do not want someone else to be ripped off. I have found one photographer in my area that I like and a few that make me feel like I was ripped off but, at the end of the day we live, we learn, and then we do more research. As far as what I do I am a stay at home mom of a beautiful baby boy other than that I just support my husband and make sure the house is clean and dinner is on the table when he gets home