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This is related to the thread on the value of a good photograph/photographer. The value of a good or service has nothing to do with it’s cost of production, or how much skill or difficulty is involved. There are plenty of things that are very expensive to produce, require tons of skill and effort, but that no one is willing to buy.

The value of something has to do with how much people are willing to pay for it. If customers don’t see the difference between what the fauxtog does and what you do, or if they don’t think they need what you provide in addition to the fauxtog, or if they are simply unwilling to pay what you charge for what you provide, the fauxtog will do better than you. It is that simple. No one cares how difficult it is, how costly, or how much skill is required to do what you do. They care about whether they want to pay what you charge for the result. Find the people willing to pay what you need to charge to make a living. Or make another living. Simple, harsh, true.