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The funny thing is, (taking into consideration the several fauxtographers in my community charging $40 or less), is that they get so much business, don’t even try to take decent photos (Hello, midday bright harsh sun), don’t consult with clients on what to wear or how to prepare for their session (cartoon characters on the kids’ shirts, hot pink and black striped dress, etc.) and they don’t do any real editing (Just crap on picmonkey or something similar that look more like Instagram filters), that they really do end up making quite a bit of cash. Let’s say this woman in town who does $20 mini sessions has 5 clients a week. She gets $100 and is able to throw 20 poor-quality photos onto a disk, but it doesn’t really take that much time out of her day. I, on the other hand, could get one client every two weeks (I have a full-time job besides, so my photography business is a side venture but I care very much about my work), and make just about the same amount of money in one month as this woman makes, however I am working ten times as hard/long as she is when you include preparation, consultations, correspondence, location scouting, the actual session, culling, editing, delivering, etc. So, fauxtographer over here is making the big bucks with very little effort. I joke that I should just put my camera on JPG/auto, charge $20, throw 50 some unedited blah photos on a disk, all shot in the same locations, and call it done. I’d be rich!