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I’ve started noticing this in my area, I’ve just started to really think about doing photography as more than just a hobby. I could be classed as a fauxtographer I guess, but the difference is that I KNOW that I’m not good/confident enough to take wedding photos or something similar, as I just couldn’t handle the pressure of potentially cocking up and ruining everything. Granted, I do actually work for a professional wedding photographer as his assistant (I hold flashes and carry his bag around basically, but it’s good fun) and he does actually let me just take photos with whatever camera he’s not using at the time to take detail photos of the tables, and photobooth photos, and he’s said he wants me to do ‘snap and grab’ (?) photos of people on the dancefloor that just want cheesy group photos like you get in clubs, so I can’t be too bad! But what gets me is the local photographers that photograph horse shows/events that are rubbish!


For example this is one of them. This is their facebook page, and the first pictures I stumble across are blurry. I then notice they have a website:


‘Oooo’ I think, as they look like they have better quality photos judging by the homepage photos. But then I look into their gallery and it’s the same old rubbish. To me it looks as though they’ve stolen some decent photos off the internet somewhere to use on their website to make them look better. I do photography and my boyfriend is a website designer, and it even had us fooled that they were good, until we looked at the gallery. False advertising. I have not found any of these photos in any of the albums. None of them even come close to looking like that!

And there are many more like them, but this is the most irritating, They do weddings as well! God help us all.

Rant over, it feels good to get that off my chest. xD