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That miniature effect is available on my Canon Powershot. I can say I played with it once, it just keeps things in the middle of the frame in focus and throws the top and bottom out of focus… it’s a fun little “toy” effect, for random bar shots maybe? lol. I’ve seen work done with a real tilt-shift lens that is pretty impressive though, or with a Lensbaby, though I’ve never used either.

I do not play the like game either. Several of the fauxs in my town do and make me wonder how they got so many likes. My “like” base has grown slowly… mostly from friends or family of people whose portraits I’ve posted and tagged them in. So I’d like to think they legitimately like my work. Of course I have family and friends too. And I have a handful of photographers. On my own “like” list, I have liked probably 20 some photographers; that list grows every week. I can’t get enough of seeing good images in my news feed.