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Your edit is a very slight change.  I was thinking of something more like this, however it is really about what you want your images to look like.

If you like my edit, it was done by reducing the background by 3 stops, and reducing the people and their clothing by 1 stop.  Mom’s face was touched up and JPEG artifacts were removed as best I could in a few minutes.  Curves was used to boost contrast slightly and some sharpening was applied and adjusted.  The pine tree was lightened a bit with the Dodge tool.  If I were working on a full sized image, I would probably do an adjustment just for the tree, to keep some detail in the branches.

Eye bags and moles are curious features, some people like them removed and some want to keep them in the photo.  I did a quick removal job on the eye bags, the larger the file, the easier it is to fix them, and if it were my image I would take more time with it.

Oh, I noticed the Colour Space your photo had was Adobe RGB (1998), for most applications sRGB is a better choice.  sRGB is a slightly smaller colour space which makes colours slightly more intense and it is the space used by most computers and printers including most photo printing kiosks.  There are many other colour spaces but you should only use them when you know they are the preferred colour space for the rendering device.

What do you think?