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the couple at the end, were the lighting is slightly better, I had grabbed her camera and tried to reset it before, but I am a nikon user not a canon user so wasn’t sure 100% how to change iso, and she didn’t know either!!


this shot of hers:  https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-_YHJbJelj7c/URkiijwZGVI/AAAAAAAAApE/dU_jcQ8B-wI/s512/IMG_6045.jpg

the lady was posing for me, this was my result, https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-0jf_OZIiiWQ/URklHsRoYnI/AAAAAAAAAtk/736eDdtt6dU/s512/14.jpg

I need to sort positioning a bit better, but she was doing this a lot sneaking in on my shots, including at one point running off with the child after i had set him up!

cameraclicker thank you for your feedback I do find it interesting what you say,  can I pleas also ask what sort of lens you recommend for faster shooting? I used just a 18-55 for my first ever PWA shoot, big mistake! but I got some OK shots, I will be upgrading my camera in the next few weeks, torn between a canon 60d or a sony a57 though!