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Her FB avatar is a Canon 1Ds Mk III!  Please tell me she did not use that body to take any of the photos you put up on Google!  Who let the kid suck on the hot shoe end of a Godox flash?  That strikes me as dangerous as there may be electricity at the contacts, even if the flash has been off for a while.  That Godox flash is at the opposite end of the spectrum of equipment from a 1Ds.

Events can be challenging.  A camera that has low noise at high ISO is a real help.  So are a good flash with an effective diffuser strategy, and fast lenses.  Many of the photos have excessive blur from subject movement, and at the same time lots of noise suggesting a high ISO setting.

Ah, found it!  Google shows shot details in the side bar.  Canon 1100D, ISO 6400, kit lens, Exposure Compensation set to -4!   Shot at f/5.6 and 1/20th!  No flash.    Bizarre settings!  A set of shots that highlights the difference between a Rebel T3 and a T3i, for me.

She has a couple of photos that I like, one of the little one, that after editing looks quite good and a picture of a couple which she took at 1/3 of a second!  They are quite clear so they stood very still for her and she was able to hold the camera steady too!  Curiously, the photo details claim ISO 400 Exp Comp -2, no flash, yet they both have catch lights and there is a strong shadow on her arm from the straw in her glass, suggesting a flash about level with the camera, slightly to camera right.

Some of her outdoor photos of the little one employed flash:

07/02/2013 12:17

2056 x 3088 pixels

File Name:

File Size:

Canon EOS 1100D

0.005 sec (1/200)


Focal Length:
48 mm

ISO Speed:

Exposure Bias:
-0.67 EV

Flash Used:

Really?  Outdoors, in daylight, ISO 6400 and f/36, and Exp Comp of -.67, with a flash!

I see hints of promise but will agree with Mrs Woo, clueless does seem the apt conclusion.  There is time, about three months to the big shoot, perhaps you could get her out for some lessons?

If the wrestler photos will be posed, then the kit lens may be able to handle the task.  If the photos will be of actual wrestling, I suspect a longer, faster lens will be needed.  I wonder if she would bail on you if you asked her to bring a more suitable lens and more powerful flash.