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Jared shows all the signs of having a Napoleon complex and probably also latent homosexuality. Jason it is ok to come out of the closet. It is the 21st century. His avatar is of a blue muscular man who runs around naked. That tells you something. He also seems obsessed with weight and uses the word fatties. So he probably spends a good deal of time in the gym trying to compensate for his height. Willing to bet he even takes photos of himself in the mirror with his shirt off. His attempt to make himself feel superior comes from all those years in school where he was probably the smallest one in class. He has had girlfriends but never can really keep them. Probably thinks it is the girls, but we all know different. This site is suppose to be about photography and several people on here seem sincere in asking for critique. Jason unfortunately feels the need to belittle and be an all around ass most of the time. He is not funny nor amusing. The critiques on his photogrpahy are spot on..